Monday, October 26

#Cre8time Painted Layers... #DIY Resin Bangle by Aimée Wheaton

You know that amazing artist that paints images on resin in layers? I was trying to emulate his style in a bangle and this is a far cry from his art. If you haven't seen it google resin and goldfish, it's amazing! Seriously, much respect to that artist.

My original project for this month was going to be a molded gourd, let's just say life got in the way and before I had a chance to get the gourd out of the mold it had decayed, that's what I get for trying to work ahead so excuse the simplicity of this post, I had to use a past mold of bangle as well as I ran out of Amazing Mold Rubber on the gourd. To see how to create a mold with Amazing Mold Rubber watch this video.

I had to do this in sessions over a few days so the resin would cure and I could paint different layers.

I mixed up my first layer or Amazing Clear Cast Resin and poured it into the mold. I let it sit overnight to cure completely. To see how to prepare resin please CLICK HERE.

After it cured overnight I chose some acrylic paints and various tools to make the marks on the resin. I chose a bamboo skewer, a fountain pen, and a paintbrush.

You can see blue, white, purple and yellow dots of acrylic paint on the first layer of resin. Next prepare another batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and pour over the top. This isn't a very deep mold so I only did 3 layers of resin. I let that cure again over night and then did a layer of green glitter and repeated the process of more resin.


Let that cure the rest of the day and
you end up with something like this!


I knew I would have extra resin like always so I applied the same technique to these little silver molds that were gifted to me. I may turn these into ornaments or magnets.

There you have it! :) Can you see the different layers I painted on?

Let's see what you can create with
Amazing Mold Rubber and

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