Thursday, October 8

Have some Wine with a Little #Cre8time #DIY... AMAZING Inspiration by Melissa Johnson

Hello everyone! Melissa here today with a fun and easy project for all of you fellow wine cork hoarders! I love wine. I also love collecting wine corks. I have so many now that I have collected and that have been given to me by friends and family, so I decided to finally do something with some of them.


Originally I wanted to find an old tray at Goodwill to repurpose for this project, but had no luck (kind of sad, I've been very unlucky with my thrifting lately). Instead, I found this awesome long and narrow rustic style tray at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!!

My house is done in a modern rustic style, so I knew this was going to fit right in! I collected my corks, hot glued them in, and then covered the entire thing in lots of Amazing Clear Cast Resin. It took quite a bit, as the tray is narrow, but fairly deep and I did have a few fat corks in there.

And here is the final product. There was a lot of resin, so it took a few days to cure completely. I can't wait to decorate with this on my coffee table. I want to also DIY some cute votives and put tea lights in them to set on top!


What home decor will you transform
with Amazing Clear Cast Resin?

For more of my mixed media projects, please visit my blog.
Make something that makes you happy :) ~ Melissa Johnson

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