Thursday, October 29

Last Minute #Halloween Costumes... a Wendigo Creepy #Cre8time Transformation by Maria Soto

Hi there! It's Maria and today I want to share a fun project I made just last night. See my son decided to dress up for his Halloween party at school. He is currently attending the American Academy of Art in Chicago. When he heard they were having a costume contest, he completely changed the costume idea he had in mind and decided he wanted to go as a "Wendigo" from a video game he loves to play called "Until Dawn".  

He asked his sister if she could do the make up and asked me if I could make the special teeth... of course I told him "no"... I needed more than two days to make it happen. So I sent him to the store to buy some teeth. He understood and he came home with these vampire teeth, and he asked me if there was a way I could make them look creepy. Of course I said "YES"!

I just sat there for a while trying to think on what I could do – I thought why not try and make a mold with Amazing Mold Putty, then use Amazing Casting Resin to make new teeth and use the resin to adhere them onto the vampire teeth he purchased.

I have to say, it was a bit of challenge for me. Once I got the idea in my head, I figured I had to give it a try and hope that it would work. Well... these products didn't fail me – they did exactly what I hoped they would do! I loved how these products never let me down... its like all I have to do is imagine what can I do next with them, and then go for it.

If you want to see the full process of how
this Creepy transformation happened,
please CLICK HERE to jump over
to my blog to see the how it all happened. 
I love using these products – my creative ideas have evolved so much since I joined this creative team. I would recommend you give them a try and see where your imagination combined with these amazing products take you. I know I've been able to create things I never would have done without these products.

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  1. These are so awesome, Maria! What a great idea!

    1. thank you, I loved how it turned out, sometimes you just gotta go for it!


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