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PIN IT! or ZIP IT! May the #Cre8time Force be with You... by Maria Soto

Hi there! Today I want to share some fun jewelry I made. With the Star Wars movie coming up soon, I'm participating in a charm swap that is all about this movie. We were asked to create anything related to this movie. I was at Michael's getting some art supplies for my son, and I noticed a sticker book about Star Wars... and then the idea came! Why not make some pins – hey you can wear them on your clothes, jackets, book bag, hat, scarf, you name it. 

I decided to use a mold I previously made using Amazing Mold Rubber. I like the shapes of this mold because it was the perfect size for the stickers and for charms to wear. You can CLICK HERE to see how the mold was created from a recycled item.

This time around I used the Amazing Clear Cast Resin to make my pins. I really like how the size of the stickers and the molds were a perfect match. Follow the directions on the box or CLICK HERE to see how to mix and use Amazing Clear Cast Resin. 

After mixing a small amount of the clear cast resin, I added just a tiny amount of resin to the bottom of each mold using the mixing stick, then tore up a piece of black tissue paper that had gold glitter, thought it was perfect to give them a look of a dark galaxy sky/background, it was not intended to cover the entire bottom of the molds, I still wanted for the resin to be visible from the back. Next I covered the tissue paper with a bit of resin again, waited just a few minutes, added the stickers, and poured resin all the way to the top of the mold. 

I had these tiny little watch parts I had purchased a long, long time ago, to try and make some Steampunk projects but I never did – so I thought why not add a few tiny pieces to the front of the pins. Before the resin cured completely, I added the tiny clock pieces to each pin, then left them alone until the next evening, when I got home from work. 

The resin has cured completely. What I love the most about Amazing Mold Rubber is the flexibility – it makes removing your resin pieces from the molds so easy. I mixed up a very small amount of Amazing Clear Cast Resin – to use it as glue to add the pins to the back of my resin pieces. There's no better product for me to secure my jewelry than with Amazing Clear Cast Resin, as it creates a permanent bond. With the pins added to my resin castings... I'm just waiting for the resin to cure over night and the pins will be ready to be worn. 

The top row shows the front of the pins – see how the tissue paper is only in some areas, and you can still see the clear resin, which is what I wanted. Look at the fun clock parts on the front side of the pins! You can also see the backs of the pins. These are so cute and so light and they will be fun to wear. I have a few extra that I'm going to send to my brother – he loves Star Wars and I know he would love to get a couple of these pins. 

I wanted to add an extra piece so I made some zipper pull using more stickers. These are fun too as they are double sided. I took some Creative Paperclay® to make the circles by hand – they are not perfect, which is what I wanted. I could have made molds and then add the clay and so on, but I loved getting my hands dirty... plus I also used this product to create my ATC's so my hands were already dirty. Once the paper clay was dry, I added the stickers on both sides painted the paper clay, and then I took some of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin to seal the paint and the stickers. A fun and simple project idea that I hope everyone likes.


I love how the resin on these zipper pull charms makes the colors of the paint brighter... and I love the shiny effect that almost makes you think they are encased in glass, and they are also very light. 

I really hope everyone likes these fun resin charms and pins, I know I loved making them, I think I'm going to have to make some Holiday charms like these to give to my nephews and niece as gifts. 

What charming things do you

Share your projects with us, we love to see what
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