Monday, November 9

#Cre8time Pumpkin Favors filled with Thanksgiving Treats...

Greetings Amazing – welcome to our final day of PUMPKIN WEEK! Susan here to share some DIY treats for the Thanksgiving table settings. Not only did I mold my real mini pumpkins using Amazing Mold Rubber – I made a few molds for molding chocolates and other sweet treats using Amazing Remelt, and Amazing Mold Putty. If you missed my faux iced birthday pumpkin, CLICK HERE and to jump over to view my faux gilded pumpkins HERE.


Amazing Remelt and Wilton Candy Melts both melt down in minutes in the microwave making custom sweet treats like a pro quick and easy.

First I selected a tapered glass bowl deep enough to fully cover my pumpkin, then melted down a container of Amazing Remelt using the lowest setting on my microwave in thirty second increments until it was completely liquified.

**A TIP** I poured a small amount into my bowl and let cool a bit before placing pumpkin in it. ALSO, I dipped the top of the pumpkin into the liquid remelt to coat the stem and let any air bubbles release before fully covering with Amazing Remelt.

After cooling in the refrigerator for a while {it was all day since I had to go to work}, I removed the mold from the bowl. I gently cut the mold in half using a sharp Xacto knife and released the pumpkin. Now I'm ready to make some chocolate mini pumpkins.

I melt down the Wilton Candy Melts following the directions for microwave in a pourable pyrex measuring cup. I scooped the melted chocolate in the Amazing Mold Putty mini pumpkin, on both sides of mold, filling completely. I placed the top half of the mold aligned to my marks and placed in refrigerator to chill and harden. 

I repeated by filling the Amazing Remelt mold and spread chocolate to evenly coat edges and leave center open – this pumpkin I will fill with an assortment of roasted seeds/nuts and mini dark chocolate chips... a perfect edible favor for the table settings.

The chocolate hardens very quickly – then I can remove, set aside on a tray in the fridge and make another set. These are fun to make and can made well in advance of the Thanksgiving Day feast!

What will you transform
into edible art with
Amazing Casting Products??

Please leave a comment below to share! If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here. ~ Susan
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  1. This is do Amazing! What a fabulous idea

  2. This is do Amazing! What a fabulous idea

  3. What a great idea! I need to look into that molding material. A delicious and
    lovely looking treat!


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