Monday, November 30

#Cre8time Cabinet Updo... the KEY to Amazing Drawers by Bridget Cordero

Hey Everyone. Recently I purchased new organizational drawers for my craft space and they needed drawer pulls. So I saw this key hanging in my daughter's house and decided that's what I want for drawer pulls. I do need to make 30 of these but for now one set is done and working with Amazing Casting Products it's so easy to mix up a batch of Amazing Casting Resin, pour it and go do something else crafty while it sets. 

So first I had to mold this key by using the Amazing Mold Putty. I took equal parts of the yellow and white putty and kneaded it together. Then I took the key and pressed it into the mold putty. Once this has hardened I removed the key. Next I used the Bronze Alumilite Metallic Powder and a dry paint brush to brush some onto the mold.

I then mixed up the Amazing Casting Resin and added some Alumilite Black Dye so my key would be black with the bronze tint just like the original key. Once this is all mixed together, I poured it into my mold.

I then poked holes in the bottom of these small cups so the screw would stand up straight as it is curing in the mold. When cured, I removed the cups, mixed up a little more Amazing Casting Resin and poured it into the mold to give the screws a more secure hold.

While this is setting up I needed to make more spacers. These will go onto the screw to allow more room between the drawer and the pull. To do this I mixed up some Amazing Mold Rubber (one scoop of catalyst (the pink liquid) to every 2 ounces of the mold rubber {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Once I had the spacers (the white ones in photo) secured to a small cup, I poured the mold rubber. After this had set I mixed up the Amazing Casting Resin with the black Alumilite Dye and poured into these molds. I made so any because I will need 60 of these spacers. 

After assembling the spacers and nuts onto the screws this is how the drawer pull looks. I could not be more excited about these. It was so much fun to customize my craft storage.

They look amazing on my drawers! Now to finish the handles for 24 more drawers. Happy Crafting!

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