Tuesday, December 1

Address your Home Digits... 12 Days of Home Decor #ACPthrowback

Hello Amazing Crafters! For day two of our 12 Days of Amazing Home Decor we revisit a project by creative Lonnie Sexton. We are always thinking about how to improve things inside the home... and Lonnie has come up with a creative way to customize and light up the numbers on his home.

Lightbulb moment!!! With Amazing Casting Products Lonnie had an idea to address the outside of his home and make a plaque for his house that lights up at night. Since he only needs to cast one finished project, creating a permanent rubber mold really isn't necessary. Enter Amazing Remelt – a one step, easy-to-use molding product that's reusable... and a great option for one-off casting projects! CLICK HERE to view how it works.

Using Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Amazing RemeltLonnie created this custom address plaque that he backed with a solar yard light. This is so lovely in clear, but think of the possibilities by adding color with Alumilite Dyes or Metallic Powders!

What would you cast in Amazing Remelt
for updating your home decor?

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