Wednesday, December 9

AMAZING #Cre8time Resin Painting with Tanya Ruffin #12DaysofHomeDecor

Tanya here with a fun project using resin to create stunning abstract paintings on a prepped canvas with a few AMAZING supplies...

I started off with a 12" x 12" canvas painted black.

Using Amazing Casting Resin, I first mixed red Alumilite Dye and poured onto the canvas. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

**A TIP** Place your canvas on plastic, or in my case I used a plastic box for storing scrapbook paper. The cured resin peels right off the top!

I then mixed another batch of resin with red dye and then violet dye. I finished up with yellow dye mix. Before the resin cures, I sprinkle some Alumidust in various colors over the surface.

The yellow resin mix hasn't cured yet.

When it cures you can use a wet paper towel to wipe off
the Alumidust that didn't stick. Most of it stays put!

I love this look. And can you imagine how amazing this would be if I marbleized it? Hmmm... maybe that is my next post!

What color combinations will you
use to match your home decor?

Now go out there and Craft Your Own Way!

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