Friday, December 18

Take a #Cre8time Trip to Castaway Island...
Easy and Inspired Gifts by Aimée Wheaton

Well this simple idea came about because I'm now working with kids at a school and my brain is frazzled... but it's also now thinking more like a kid. This was a super easy project and would be awesome for stocking stuffers or just a sweet little gift for someone special. I will be giving this to my daughter Lily at Christmas.

I started with browsing through my box of cast offs to see if I had anything I wanted to use. What is a cast off? Well it's the extra resin you end up with if you mix too much for your project, that's what it is to me. I have a box of goodies I dig out for projects and sometimes use them. I found this heart that I had made around the time of my Disney Cruise in February. I had painted this one teal. It was a plain smooth magnet I bought, altered and molded. The raised areas were hot glue designs added on it and then I molded it using Amazing Mold Putty, mixed up some Amazing Casting Resin and had this awesome new heart design. It's perfect for a necklace and I have a ton of these hearts in that box. 

I started digging around in my jewelry findings box and had this bail that fit perfectly. I glued it on with Tacky Glue and let it dry. I then glued on the sweet little pink bow which was in my mom's old button stash, added more glue and then some glitter on the raised areas. Oh and I sanded the back so it was smooth against her skin. Easy peasy!! I know my girl will love it! Super simple project!!

Don't throw out those cast offs!!!! Use them in other projects! There are so many ways to use them. First idea that comes to mind a is a Louise Nevelson inspired shadow box!

What cool fix can you make
with your cast offs?

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