Monday, December 14

#Cre8time Fun Fusion... DIY Sacred Heart Miser by Tanya Ruffin

While in the middle of creating another project, I had an idea. Isn't that how it always works? I had a small back heart frame sitting on my work space and thought... wouldn't it be cool to make a sacred heart out of this? A sacred heart is the heart with flames coming from the top.

So I grabbed my polymer clay... Ok I didn't "grab" it, it took about an hour of extensive searching to find that it was standing sideways against the back of my desk about 3 feet from me – But I digress...

I "grabbed" my polymer clay and made flames and attached it to the top of the frame.

Now get this.... since I was going to pour the Amazing Mold Rubber on top of the sacred heart creation, I didn't even fire the clay. I just glued the frame part to a plastic tray and poured the rubber mold on top. Sorry I don't have a photo.

When the mold was fully cured, I pulled it out and was even able to salvage the clay. Win, win!

I mixed Alumilite Red Dye with Amazing Casting Resin and made a cast. 

Awesome!!! Now what to make with it?

I added some gold Rub 'n Buff® and I LOVE it even more!

The Red reminded me of the Heat Miser soooooo... I printed out a picture of Heat Miser*, and coated with with some Amazing Clear Cast Resin then glued that to the back of the frame.

"...He's Too Much!"

*Keep in mind that you can not just go to google something print it out and sell it. There are copyright issues. This was a project just for fun and for personal use. :)

Now go out there and Craft Your Own Way!


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  1. I love, love, love this project, amazing how ideas come out of no where and lead you to something awesome.


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