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It's Wine o'Clock Somewhere... by Brenda Burfeind #12DaysofHomeDecor

Good day and thanks for stopping in to see another installation for our 12 days of Home Decor. Brenda here from Creativity is a State of Mind and today I am going to show you how to use Amazing Mold Rubber to recreate a lightweight version of a heavy object.

Most of you know I am a wine snob. Well, not really – I just love wine and everything that goes with it. I recently started a job at a wine store where we carry only local wines. Who knew that South Dakota had wineries??! Yes, in fact we have over 20 wineries all across the state.

Well as I said, I love wine and everything that goes with it and that includes these fabulous flattened wine bottles. My only concern is that they are made out of real glass wine bottles and am always afraid of dropping them and breaking. Imagine the mess those glass shards would make?

You can even use them as cheese platters or hang them on the wall. In fact, I have one that functions as both... yet I am afraid to use it as it could break. I have always been intrigued on how they are made and did a bit of research. You need a kiln, of which I do NOT have {if you do have one, there is a great tutorial here on}; nor do I think my hubby would let me get one as my house has already been overtaken with my crafties.

So, instead I decided to make my own faux flattened bottle. I started out by finding something long enough for my existing flattened bottle to fit in with no avail. I did however find a plastic lid, so I built my mold box up using duct tape. I added two layers of tape around the entire lid to serve as side walls.

Here is a close up shot of the mold box.

Now I know I would need a lot of the Amazing Mold Rubber to cover this big of a project, so I cut up some of my previous molds that I will no longer be using to use as filler. That's the beauty of mold rubber, it will attach itself to itself when building up or creating another mold. I just chunked it up and placed it around my bottle.
Usually you would need to hot glue your item down, but because the bottle is so heavy I know it won't float up. Then I mixed up my batch of Amazing Mold Rubber – you can see mixing instructions HERE in this video.

Here is the backside of my mold. Some of the chunks floated up, or were a bit higher than the pour. No worries though, it won't have any effect on the mold itself.

Once demolded, you can see that the mold rubber ran under a little – but no worries there either. Just snip the excess mold rubber skin off and keep in a safe place for future use.

Look how nice this shape took!

Now I wasn't sure of how much resin it would take so I filled my mold with water to get a general idea of how much resin to mix up. By using Amazing Clear Cast resin my faux flattened bottle will also be FOOD SAFE! Not only will it become a nice home decor piece, but you can use it to entertain as well!

Once I got an estimated measurement of how much resin I would need, I mixed up a batch of  Amazing Clear Cast Resin with the Alumilite Violet Dye {you can see mixing instructions in a video HERE}.

I wanted to be able to hang my faux flattened bottle so I shaped some plain wire in a "C" shaped form and placed it into my resin to cure. I used a paintbrush handle to keep it from sinking to the bottom of my resin. Once the Amazing Clear Cast Resin cured I added some beads to the top with wire to jazz it up a bit.

Now for the fun part, you can use a chalk pen to write on the bottle and it will wipe right off. You could personalize your bottles any way you want. Write a special sentiment when gifting?

I took the bottle to work and am using it for a display piece.

I plan on gifting this to a friend and here is the box I put together for her. All local goodies and few extras. Remember, if at all possible, shop local!

Now I have a lightweight faux glass flattened bottle...
and do not have to worry about it breaking.

How fun was this? I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial
today and would love if you left me some comments.

What heavy or breakable object
would you recreate in resin?

Thanks for stopping by and until next time...
It's Wine O'clock somewhere! ~ Brenda

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