Tuesday, December 15

#Cre8time Greencrafting... from Packaging to #Recycled Girly Frame by Maria Soto

Hi there, this is Maria and today I bring you a project I created because I wanted to recycle. I got this package in the mail that had several boxes inside and each box was kept in place with a cardboard frame. Well as I removed each box, I placed each cardboard frame over each other and that's when I noticed that if I joined all three I could create a frame. 

I played with the idea... sure I could just paint and embellish it a bit and add a photo, but I thought why not bring out one of my Amazing Mold Rubber frame molds –  I have several made from previous projects.

This time I decided to use Amazing Clear Cast Resin to cast the frame... to make it fun I added some gold foil into the frame. The process took a few days since I had to apply layers of the resin and the gold foil – I wanted the foil to look as if it was floating inside the frame.


Now the easy part was to make the resin frame. Once that was done, I had to decide on what colors to use on the cardboard frame.


I used acrylic paints – a mix of gold, silver and copper with a bit of shine to the mix. As I created the frames, I decided to use it to frame a photo of my daughter and my two nieces. I added add a bit of pink to break up the colors and make it girly.

I wanted a simple frame, so I added a pretty white flower to the side and added a hanger... now this recycled frame is all ready to go up on my wall at my office. I have tons of photos of all the kids in our family – it was time to add a photo with our newest addition, little Victoria, and her two older cousins.

Funny how sometimes you can be inspired to create with simple things like pieces of cardboard that just happened to create a frame when you place them on top of each other! Now I have a very pretty frame to decorate my office {or I just might keep it at home}, either way it's a nice home/office decoration.

I hope this project has inspired to look around to see what inspires you to create. 

Materials used:

What items do you save for greencrafting?

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