Friday, December 11

Happy Little #Cre8time Shower Curtain Hooks...
by Bridget Cordero #12DaysofHomeDecor

Have you ever had one of your decorative shower curtain hooks break and you don't want to buy a whole new pack? Well I'm going to show you how you can make a new one using a few Amazing Casting Products!

You will need the broken hook, some Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Casting Resin and acrylic paint to turn this broken piece into a new piece.

Using the Amazing Mold Putty I made a mold of the unbroken frog. 

Once the mold putty was cured, I stirred up some Amazing Casting Resin and poured it in the mold and waited a few minutes and set the hook in place on the back. After the resin cured I popped it out and painted it.

The finished hooks!

Can you tell the repaired
hook from the originals??

If you would like to see more please check
out my how-to video by clicking HERE.

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