Thursday, January 14

#Cre8time Handmade Jewels... Ooey Gooey Resin Pendant by Aimée Wheaton

Hey all!! This was a bit of an experiment for me as I've never actually resined papers before but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out so I'm going to try and perfect this technique as I play more. My original plan {which usually never is how it turns out} was to make some medallion-type earrings... well I got impatient and touched one before it was dry and ruined it – so I ended up with a pendant instead!

I started with some French ephemera circles I had and thought they would be fun to work with. I love vintage papers, especially from books. I also punched out little hearts from a painted paper I created and cut some strips of other painted paper.

My pile of goodies.

I took some 20 gauge wire and bent it around
the circles then glued them down together.

This is great glue for quick projects!!

Glued together.

For more interest I ripped some of my favorite Rice Paper as well and layered them how I wanted the earrings to be. I didn't glue down the strips I wanted to see how they would react with the resin.

I mixed equal parts of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and began applying to the earrings with a popsicle stick – I found out I put way too much on, this is where I'll need more practice. It started pooling around the circles and I ended up needing to trim it after it had cured. Be conservative when applying the resin. I let it dry overnight to be certain it was done curing. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation of Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

This is in process while it's still wet, at this phase I put a drop of white Alumilite dye and swirled it around for a milky effect as well as some green Alumidust for some shimmer.

I did the same to this one. I threw on some pink chunky glitter as well for some more shimmer and some metallic green micro beads. I wanted it to feel very organic and I think I did accomplish that effect.

Next time I'm going to do this in phases – maybe resin and papers first, let that cure and then do the dye, glitter and after bits for more control.

I do like how it turned out. When it cured fully, I did some primitive bead loops and strung it on a ball and chain necklace. Easy peasy!

Here is the finished product!

Do you make resin jewelry?
What are your favorite ways to create
organic looking resined pieces?

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