Tuesday, January 19

A #Cre8time Toast to Love... #DIY Champagne Glasses by Bridget Cordero

Hello friends! With the season of love fast approaching, I decided to decorate a couple of champagne glasses that we could use on Valentine’s Day – using a few things from my papercrafting stash and Amazing Casting Products.

First I decided I wanted hearts and polka-dots on these glasses. After considering this for a while, I took masking tape and laid it on the sheet that is left over from printer labels and then punched out the hearts to create a stencil.

Figuring I need to layer the heart stencils to make a kind of wall so the resin stays inside of the heart. Once created, I placed them in various places on the glasses.

Then I mixed up some Amazing Casting Resin and Alumilite Red Dye, and waited a little bit until the resin started to thicken... then used the stir stick to put the resin into the heart stencils. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation for Amazing Casting Resin.

After a few minutes while the resin was not fully cured, I removed the stencils. While the hearts were setting, I mixed up a little more Amazing Casting Resin with some Cotton Candy Alumidust to make polka dots on the glasses. Before applying with my stir stick, I waited for the resin to thicken a bit.

I cleaned up the glasses with a wet paper towel and now we have two cute champagne glasses to enjoy on Valentine’s Day.

How do you creatively show your love??

Thank you everyone for stopping by and I hope I have inspired you.

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