Monday, January 25

#Cre8time REAL or Fabulous Faux... #DIY Wine Coasters by Brenda Burfeind

Good day all! Brenda here again for Mold Rubber Monday! Today I am going to share how to create some beautiful coasters using faux wine corks.

I am fortunate to work in a wine store where I get an abundance of wine corks that I get to play with. I've created some fun coasters for my home and the store, but I was thinking, "what if someone wanted wine coasters but didn't get them in bulk the way I do?" -OR- "what if I want to change the color of those wine corks?"

Well... how about making your own?

So let's get started!
First I created my mold box with some foam core and hot glued it together. I did pour some water in to make sure all my seams were sealed! Then I hot glued my corks to the bottom.
...Let's go back a minute, and let me tell you that I did cut these corks in half. In order to do so, rapid boil the corks for about 20 minutes and using a serrated knife, just slice them down the middle. It works amazingly!

Then I mixed up my Amazing Mold Rubber and you can view a video on that HERE! The Amazing Mold Rubber picks up so much more detail than the Amazing Mold Putty – I really wanted to make sure my faux corks would look like real corks.

Now I could have molded these in a straight line, but I wanted to make sure that this is the shape they would best work.

I mixed up some Amazing Casting Resin with the Alumilite Purple dye and poured it into my mold {please CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}.

Check out these beauties!

I wanted to highlight them a bit, so I opted to stamp them with black StazOn®!

I inked up my stamp with the StazOn® and then rocked my faux resin corks over the stamps to pick up the ink. Nice detail, huh?

Then I glued them to some heavy duty cork I got eons ago
with my favorite glue of all time, E6000®!

And here are my two versions of coasters!

I even glued a bead in the center of my faux wine cork coaster just because I like to be different!

I have to say the resin coaster is a bit heavier, but not too much. I also think that the faux coaster is a bit more sturdy! Now I can make faux wine cork coasters in ANY color thanks to all the fun Alumilite dyes Amazing Casting Products has!

How would you customize your coasters?

I love feedback – please let me know what you
think about my faux wine cork coasters.

Thanks for joining me and I hope to see you soon.
Until next time, Brenda saying WINE ON!

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