Wednesday, January 20

Having an AMAZING #Cre8time Treasure Hunt...
by Maria Soto

Hi there! Today I thought I would share how I used some items I have at home to make some fun customized molds. I thought it would be interesting to take something from around the house and find a fun area to mold... then once you have a partial mold, you can go ahead and cut it up, or add more of the amazing mold putty and make something fun and different.

I love Amazing Mold Putty, because it's so easy to use... and the best part is you can carry it with you also! In this case I just went around the house looking to see what fun items I could find that I could turn into new molds.

First thing I did was check my chimney mantel and sure enough I found this fun vase I had purchased at an estate sale – I got it not only because of the color and texture, but because of the fun trim near the top of the vase, and the bottom as it has fun details.

So with this household finding I decided to make two different molds. I mixed equal amounts of parts "A" & "B" of the Amazing Mold Putty (CLICK HERE to view instructions on how to mix), and when the putty was fully combined, I pressed it against the pattern sections I wanted to mold.

I covered the trim on the top of the vase with Amazing Mold Putty – pressing it all the way around. Then I mixed more putty and placed it along the bottom of the vase, but only on the front side.

This is what the mold on the bottom looks like – it captured every little detail from the design on the vase. This can be a really nice stamp, or I can ink it up and add a very thin layer of resin to cast just parts of this mold in resin.

Here is the mold I made from the top of the vase, including all the beautiful texture! This mold is pretty big and thick, so I just might cut it up into two halves and trim the edges so I can use the middle part of the mold later on.

I flipped the mold inside out so you can see all the pretty detail captured by the Amazing Mold Putty! It's so fun looking for fun items you can use to make molds out of... but it's even more fun trying to think of ways to use these new molds once you create them! Please come back later to see what I end up making with these fun molds.

What fun household items can you
transform into Objects d'Arte?

Please do share your ideas with us by leaving a comment below.

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