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#Cre8time Globe Trekking... DIY Altered Travel Collage Frame by Tanya Ruffin

Going through some old things I came across a frame that I thought I would try to re-purpose... so today I'm going to show you how to re-purpose a frame into a travel collage frame with Amazing Mold Rubber and some other Amazing Casting Products.

I just returned from a trip to Italy, so I decided to make a frame commemorating that experience. The biggest task was making a mold of part of Michelangelo's Pieta. I had a small statue to use. The tricky part was just casting the top. Between Christ's body and that of the Virgin, there is an open space and there would be no way to pull the statue from the mold, so best to avoid that all together. I would even need to omit the hand of the Virgin since it was too low.

Michelangelo's Pieta 

I found a storage container that the statue would fit in and used duct tape to block off half of the container. The area where Christ's body is will be completely open and I will have to use some creative devices to seal that up before I pour resin. 

I filled the area with Amazing Mold Rubber. This took 2 full containers!

After removing the statue from the rubber, you can see that one completely open side (which is in the top of the photo). I taped up the side with some real sticky flashing tape (any real sticky tape will work). FYI – Flashing tape can be purchased at your hardware store and I use it a lot!

Tape doesn't stick well to the rubber so you need to have enough tape so that you can tape it to itself. Put about two layers of tape. As you can see from the photo above, I wrapped tape around the bottom too. I placed the mold inside another container in case it leaked.

IT LEAKED, but not too bad. You can clean up the edges with a craft knife and a fingernail file. 

I mixed some Alumilite Pearlescent Metallic Powder to the Amazing Casting Resin and poured into my new mold. I LOVE this!!! The rough spot in the front is where the taped edge was. That is OK... I have an embellishment to place over that area.


I made a mold of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

Mold of some Euros that had Italian symbols.

Mold of the plastic letters I, T, A, L and Y.
These came from an alphabet set from Dollar Tree. 

To cover the lion head on the frame I glued a book page that I had coated with purple marbled resin.

I also had a lot of miscellaneous pieces I had cast before that include skeleton keys (papal keys), a Coliseum cast, a frame with a photo of Santa Croce (where Michelangelo is buried in Florence), a cast of the head of Botticelli's Venus, a cast of the San Damiano Cross (St. Francis of Assisi), sacred heart cast (a previous project), a title frame with the towns recently visited, and metal key and key hole. All these would embellish my frame.

Out of Africa into Italy!

Now, take a look of some of your crazy, unregiftable
frames and see what you can make!

How would you transform travel trinkets?

Craft Your Own Way!


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