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#Cre8time Valentine's for One... by Maria Soto

Hi there! This is Maria and today I want to share a special project. I got a new paint kit and had been waiting for a project I could create using my favorite resin and these new paints. I previously shared how I took a frame mold I made in Amazing Mold Rubber and used the back to either create sheets of resin or to use as a resin work area instead of non-stick mat. 

For this project I used Amazing Clear Cast Resin and the Mixed Media Discovery Set by Pébéo. I received these paints in a Charity Wings Live in 4D Ultimate Sample Box for winter CHA. 

Though I have the Alumilite Dyes and Metallic Powders – it is wonderful how versatile Amazing Clear Cast Resin is in accepting a wide variety of media for coloring... as long as it's not water-based. These paints are solvent-based, so I knew they would be OK to try with the resin.

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First step was pouring into a plastic cup 1 oz. of each parts "A" & part "B" of Amazing Clear Cast Resin, making sure to mix well – then let the resin rest for a few minutes before adding into my mold slab {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. 


I added drops of paint onto the resin using a wood stick. I think I added a bit too much, it was fun to see how this paint reacts in the resin... but even more fun when you add other colors, into the mixture – so I added some gold too.

I loved how the paints were mixing together all on their own, but I decided to just mix them up using the wood stick. The results were very pretty, however, one thing I learned in this process is that until the resin is totally set, the paints continued to mix. I ended up with a very overpowering red, yet the gold came through very pretty.

I let the resin cure over night. I did get up very early the next day, to make sure the resin was not completely hardened, because I wanted to cut up some resin hearts to use in this Valentine project. Lucky me, it was still flexible, so I was able to cut the resin sheets using my Westcott scissors. 

Since the resin was still flexible and not fully cured, when I applied the resin sheets onto the glass, the resin served as glue. I pressed them into place and left it alone then went to work. When I got back home after work, the resin hearts were completely cured and glued onto the glass. I had cut a very thin resin strip that I wrapped on the stem of the glass – I thought it looked pretty so I left it alone.

I have to be honest it needed something else... so I figured why not do some etching on the glass. I cut up some hearts making sure these were big enough so that the resin heart would sit in the center and I would be able to etch around the resin hearts. 


I used masking tape to protect the rest of the glass from getting any of the etching cream, as I only wanted the etching to be done around the resin hearts.

I decided to use the little hearts on the bottom of the glass as you can see below, I added some etchall resist gel around the hearts and I added etching cream around the strip of resin on the stem... figured why not, so I did.


After the 15 minutes were up, I removed and rinsed off the etching cream under running water in my bathroom sink, then removed all the tape and the hearts. I was left with a pretty etched glass, but I didn't like the hearts on the bottom of the glass – they looked very distorted. I was also not happy with the resin strip on the stem... I didn't like how it felt when I held the stem so I removed it. Since it was never glued onto the glass, it was loosely wrapped which made it easy to remove.

I painted over the hearts at the bottom of the glass with the red Pebeo paint and I also added a few red dots over the etched hearts.

I decided to mix a little bit more Amazing Clear Cast Resin. I took a few drops of the resin and added this to the painted hearts on the bottom of the glass. I really liked the red hearts at the bottom, the addition of resin was enough to bring out the painted hearts. I love it!

This is my Valentine glass for one... I had my chocolate hearts, a few candies and a little bit of wine after I got home from taking my kids out for pizza on Valentine's day. A perfect way to end my day with my very own one-of-a-kind Valentine's glass.


How will you customize your wine glasses?

Please do share your ideas with us by leaving a comment below.

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