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#Cre8time Love is in the Air... Custom Valentine's Day Treat Box by Aimée Wheaton

Hi All!! Back at ya in the month of L-O-V-E! I really am happy with how this project turned out and it's a simple way to take another step beyond just buying a box of chocolates on the end cap at Walgreen's for someone special. As I was brainstorming this idea, it really just came together.

I had purchased an antique brass set of "X" & "O" about a year ago in hopes of using it for a Valentine's themed project, that never happened because I was on my cruise during that time so I thought what a perfect time for this project. These are the size that go on houses and they are heavy.


I took my Amazing Mold Putty and molded these two. The "O" was a perfect mold and the "X" gave me trouble – I had to mix up more putty to put around the edges to create more of a lip that's why it looks so wonky here, though it turned out better than I thought it would have. I like that you can add to your molds if you need to correct them {the mold putty fuses to itself}.

Empty molds ready for resin, but wait!


I almost forgot before I even dove into mold making I had painted a generic, red, sparkly heart box I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Using a stencil and gold acrylic paint I painted on polka dots of various sizes. I like being able to alter store bought things and make them my own. Who wants the same thing everyone else has, I don't!

OK! Back to the molds and resin...

So I decided I wanted to do something fun and the result turned out better than I had hoped. Originally I was going to make the "X" and "O" look like antique brass but decided against it because I love color too much. So I painted the molds with Interference Red Alumidust before pouring in the resin.

It's super pretty!!

I knew I needed my resin to be darker for this to turn out cool so I mixed Amazing Casting Resin with our Alumilite Violet Dye until it was dark, deep purple. You mix it into Part "A" of the resin (clear). Then I mixed both parts of the resin together and poured into the mold {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}.

Look how dark it is – I couldn't tell if it was hardening up because it was so dark. As always I made too much resin so I poured it into molds on my desk that I had there already. One was the birds that you see in the first photo. I didn't put any Alumidust in that mold so the birds turned out much darker than the "X" and "O". I let the Amazing Casting Resin cure and pulled them out of the molds.

I think I squealed when I saw how the color turned out!!! Just checking out the placement and what I was going to do here. I decided to distress the birds and the "X" and "O" with a bit of gold paint to make it cohesive. Then started placing them on the box.


I found the placement I liked and then glued them down. I added some metal arrow charms with glue and threw on some micro beads in teal to stick to the extra glue for a little more POP!

LOVE how it turned out!! It was a quick and easy project. Next fill the box with whatever goodies you want to share and you're good to go!! I am filling it with chocolate and will be putting it in the break room at work to share with my hardworking coworkers to sweeten their day!

This project would be cute on a smaller scale too with those little papier-mâché boxes you can get. The ideas are limitless when it comes to resin and customizing things! Hope you like this project!


Do you give candy on Valentine's Day?
What are your favorite ways

to create custom gifts?

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