Tuesday, December 27

#Cre8time Transformations... from Resin Castoffs to Amazing Adornments by Aimée Wheaton

Is it a jar topper or a funky little tree?!! Who knows? The options are endless when you keep your castoffs and use them in unconventional ways. I started rummaging through my box of castoffs and had to think outside the box for something to create and came up with this little idea.

I will say first off I created all these pieces over time, they were made from mixing equal parts of Amazing Casting Resin that I mixed too much of. Some were dyed with Alumilite Dyes and others were just left white.

The only non-resin piece is the wooden tree shaped item. I took my hot glue gun and glued them all together with the wood piece being on top.

Here it is all glued. Next I took some gold acrylic and painted the whole thing. I added silver glitter while it was wet.


I had this fleur-de-lis that wasn't in the best shape, so I added some glue and then sprinkled it with purple glitter, then glued it to the front of the stacked golden tree.

So pretty!! Makes a perfect topper for my stash of vintage buttons!

Here's another idea for you!

I took another castoff that I had created... drilled a hole in the top to loop wire through and started painting! Again this was created with a dyed resin castoff.

Where this piece started from – a violet dyed resin heart.
To this I added different colors of acrylic paint.


I added some glitter and this little amazing pendant I created with Amazing Clear Cast Resin and glitter. I also hot glued an antique button in the center of the heart.

I'm glad I kept all of these castoffs and trinkets.
I really liked how they turned out!!

Do you keep your resin 
castoffs for future use?

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Till next time! Xoxo Aimée

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