Monday, December 26

#Cre8time Resin Play... Quick and Easy Melted Snowman Gift Tags by Tanya Ruffin

Spruce up your gift wrapping with an adorable melted snowman gift tag!

I wanted to make some cute, kid friendly, name tags for my Christmas gifts and thought a melted snowman would be quick and flat enough that I would be able to write the "to" and "from" on... and be oh-so-adorable. In south Louisiana, the only snowmen we have are melted ones anyway! 

In my stash I have a small bag of mini top hats. No idea why I bought them, clearance I assume. I have had them for several years and darn it – it is time to use them!!


Mix up some Amazing Casting Resin (follow directions based on how many snowmen you want to make). I made two the first time so I mixed 15 ML of each part ( using the measuring cup in the box) and scooped up some pearl Alumidust on the end of a craft stick and mixed them all together.

On a silicone mat, pour out 3 puddles of resin for each snowman – each one getting larger than the last. On the smallest one, set the top hat and the beads into the resin. Let cure {this is at about 20 minutes}.

Some of mine ran together, so I picked up the resin before it completely cured and simply cut them apart with scissors. You can reshape your pieces at this point. 


I used Allene's Tacky Glue to secure all the pieces together.


If you made these tiny enough you could make them into pins or even earrings!

How do you embellish your gifts?

You can Craft Your Own Way!

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