Thursday, December 22

A #Cre8time Rain Dance... AMAZING DIY Light Sculpture by Lara Hjorthoy

Hi Friends! It's Lara here to share my latest creation. Well this little how-to project has proven to be quite the undertaking!

I'm so thrilled to get to share with you what all the fuss has been! If you've been following me on Instagram and/or Facebook, you know I've had a project in the works for a few weeks... and I'm finally able to unveil it!!!

So without further ado...
a Rain Dance!

So I've been inspired as of late, by our nearly apocalyptic amount of rain that Vancouver has treated us to since the beginning of October! On last count, I think we had three days of sun... and every other day has been rain! 

But unlike a lot of people, I don't mind the rain... and with Amazing Casting Products, I made the rain even MORE beautiful! 

Using Super Sculpey, I first sculpted four orginal "raindrop" shapes in different sizes! Then using Amazing Mold Putty, I molded the raindrops twice – to get a series of eight "drops" that could be cast at once! The Mold Putty is so easy to use and it sets up so quickly... I was able to get all the molds made within a couple of hours! 

Next with Amazing Clear Cast Resin, I mixed a batch of resin, using Alumilite Blue Dye and made my first set of blue raindrops! These took up to 2 days to cure, as it became suddenly very cold here in Vancouver. So I let them set to cure fully for 2 days – then over the next few days, made two more batches of raindrops, using smaller and smaller amounts of Alumilite Blue Dye in the resin mixture. That way, there is a variety of shades to play with when I constructing my project!

After all the drops were completed, Hubby and I spent an evening drilling holes into the top of each drop with a Dremel tool. We wet sanded the heck out of them too... to make them suuuuuper smooth to the touch!

Once they were smooth, I let them dry overnight. I took them outside on a cold winter day and sprayed the heck out of them with Krylon Triple Thick Clear Coat. That gave them this beautiful wet-like look! It was love!

Then began the slow and long construction process. For this, I gathered a foam wreath form from a dollar store and a set of LED lights (that were supposed to flicker), then wrapped the wreath with the lights and some wire – so that I had a "skeleton" of sorts to use for tying later. Then I formed some fluffy cotton stuffing around the wreath, to make my CLOUD! 

Then I began stringing the drops with silver elastic cord and added small beads for decoration. This took a couple of days to complete... a bit hard on the back! LOL!

But finally, I used an old frilly ribbon to hang
the cloud from... and presto! It's COMPLETED!

Think how pretty something like this would be... GLOWING in YOUR home! Sure makes the rain something I actually want to being into my home! 

What light feature could 
you make for your home?

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it for you! 

Stay Inspired Friends! ~ Lara

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