Wednesday, October 19

Prima --- eat your heart out!!

Hey everybody!! DeeDee here for Amazing Mold Putty and I'm SUPER PSYCHED to be part of this team!! I have tons of ideas when it comes to molding and replicating - and I love to share what's runnin' through my head! 

Have you seen those resin cast pieces that Prima is selling? there are some birdhouses, an old wheel, a bicycle... well they're kind of priced high.. and you only get ONE --- but if you were to... MAKE YOUR OWN piece.. and them CAST it in a silicone mold.. you could reuse and reuse!

So that's what I have for you today =) A neat little "trinket" style piece to use on any altered art piece or card or scrapbook page you want!

I made my built my own original piece (Remember copy writes and such, folks!) out of a white sculpy.. I shaped a crescent moon with all it's detail and then heated it to the appropriate directions:

I then experimented molding it... I molded it once shallow and once deep:

I mixed equal parts A and B of the white casting resin and poured into both molds... I demold about a minute before it suggests.. so that I have time to remove any plastic pieces that have overflowed:

And here is my final piece after covering with white acrylic and distressing with Distress Stain (I think Prima stops at the white acrylic step): 

and I can make as MANY as I want.. color them how I want.. and use them on everything =D

see you next month! -DeeDee


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