Sunday, October 30

Some Last Halloween Fun with Amazing Casting Resin

I found these great Halloween ice cube molds at one of my favorite dollar stores the other day and couldn't resist making one last fun project before it's time to put the Halloween decorations away for another year. 

I started by making  enough of the Amazing Casting Resin according to the package directions to fill the molds. 
This is what a filled mold looks like after only 3 minutes.  After approximately 10 minutes the resin will be completed hardened and ready to unmold.
Now you have your pieces that are ready to paint.
Using acrylic paints, I painted the details on the teeth and ghost and then painted the entire pumpkin. 
After allowing the paint to dry, I now have some fun Halloween pieces to make into magnets or to glue to a decorated mirror, picture frame. I may even use them to decorate a wreath for next year.  The possibilties for these are endless! 

Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. Great tutorial - I have some Easter Molds I was going to use but I wasn't sure how there would work.

  2. Terrific idea and great instructions! They'll all be sweet next year too.

    Hugs XX


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