Thursday, October 27

It's the great pumpkin

Since I was asked to be a part of the Amazing Mold Putty team I have been looking for things to mold anywhere and everywhere from junk drawers to the dollar stores in my area.  I love to decorate for the holidays, but one that I don't have a lot of items to decorate with is Thanksgiving and I've been trying to change that.    Recently I was at one of them and found these styrofoam pumpkins, but wasn't really excited over decorating with them.  Then, I remembered I could use one to make a mold and make my own pumpkin and they quickly went into my shopping cart. 

I began by combining the two colors of Amazing Mold Putty according to the directions.  Next, I molded the putty around the pumpkin to create my mold.  I started at the stem of the pumpkin and made sure that the putty was thick enough so that I could push the stem directly into it and then worked the rest of the putty around the pumpkin making sure to capture the great details of the pumpkin sections. 

This is what the mold looked like when I finished it.  It's the bottom of the pumpkin you are seeing in the picture.  I allowed it to dry (approximately 20 minutes) this way according to the package directions and the unmolded the pumpkin by flexing the mold and carefully working the pumpkin out through the opening.

Using the Amazing Casting Resin, I measured 4 parts of solution A and poured it into a disposable container and then measured 4 parts of solution b and added it to solution A.  I, then, stirred it until it was well combined with no streaks according to the directions.  Once this was done, I poured it into the pumpking mold; filling it to the top of the mold.  After 3 minutes you will start to see it turn white.  After 10 minutes you will have a new molded piece that looks like the one on the left once you remove it from the mold. The pumpkin on the right is the styrofoam pumpkin in the picture.
After giving it a light sanding, I painted and highlighted the pumpkin using acrylic paint to give it some color. Once the paint had dried, I tied the ribbon around the stem and punched 2 leaves from cardstock using a leaf paper punch and glued them to the ribbon. 

I now have a new decoration that I can use on our Thanksgiving table and if I'd like to have some more to add with it or to use for place cards on the table all I have to do is make some more resin and pour it into the reusable mold until I have enough pumpkins.  It's a great way to make holiday decorations of your own that can be personalized just the way you want them.  Now how fun is that?


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