Monday, October 10

When Opportunity Knocks, Answer The Door!

Hello Amazing Mold Putty fans! Jan here and this is my first project and post using Mold Putty. I must say, I'm hooked. I'm a Altered/Mixed Media Artist and like to use door plates and knobs on my projects and the best thing is, now I can make my own. I can get the exact color and texture I want for my projects. Be sure to visit Amazing Mold Putty Blog to see some fun ideas using this putty! You can purchase these great products HERE!

18" x 18" Altered Frame/Home Decor

Here's a close up of the door plate/knob.

I love the detail!

Close up of flowers.

Here's some of the steps!

Gather knob and doorplate;

Mix Amazing Mold Putty according to instructions. And mold the knob and door plate.

Door Knob

Mix Amazing Clear Cast Resin according to instructions and pour into the knob mold.

Let stand overnight and remove.

Remove doorplate from mold and fill mold with Amazing Casting Resin.

Let cure and remove from mold.

I left my knob clear and painted the doorplate using Spectra Amber paint. I them wiped the plate with Gesso and rubbed off the excess. After I removed most of the Gesso, I inked the plate with Tuxedo Black Memento Ink.

After achieving the look you want, hot glue the knob into place.
Mist with Suede Glimmer Mist.

I diecut several flowers using recycled corrugated cardboard and misted the with different shades of Glimmer Mist. I then hot glued resin and buttons in the center. I then hot glued a glittered pick to the main corrugated cardboard that would be the back of the frame.

I printed my quote and distressed a bit with ink and misted with Glimmer Mist. I used stencils and misted the corrugated cardboard. I used some Amber Paint to paint the frame. I hot glued all pieces into place.


  1. This is outstanding!! Fantastic project.

  2. Lovely and amazing! It remind me of alice in wonderland.

  3. This is absolutely stunning. Great job.
    Brenda AMP DT Member

  4. Jan, this is amazing! I am so going to do a plate like that!!!! I love it!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. How did you get the items back out of the molds?

  6. I will visit and buy some to try !
    This is a gorgeous piece Jan,love what you've done!


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