Tuesday, October 25

Spoon Pendant with Jingle

Hello, everyone! I'm excited to share a fun project with you today using Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Cast Resin and Amazing Clear Cast! Yup...we are going to have some fun, folks!

Frozen Charlotte Spoon Pendant

To begin you will need the mold putty, and the two types of resin, an old spoon, glass glitter, an old book page, and a frozen charlotte doll to create the mold.


Begin by creating a mold of your frozen charlotte doll. Do this by pushing the combined A and B parts over the front of your doll. This will leave your cast doll with a flat back making it easier to adhere it to projects than a real doll.


As you can see, the cast doll will look remarkable clean compared to a real one. I went outside after casting her and jammed her into some dirt to make her look more authentic. You could probably use ink, but, hey! Why not go all the way and use real live dirt! LOL!

Next you need to prepare your spoon. Cut off the majority of the handle and turn the last bit under to create a bail. Line the spoon with an inked vintage book page oval. Place the charlotte doll in the spoon and pour resin.


You will want to add a bit of the glass glitter before pouring, and then more after pouring the resin to get it in different layers. Add as much as makes you happy! Allow this to set up for 24 hours and then simply attach a chain!


I love spoon pendants because you can do so many fabulous creative things with them! Fill them with happy things!!!!

Jingle Out.


  1. love this! Isn't this stuff the best!

  2. I molded that doll too... smiles...

  3. Love this project!! Gotta try it. Now I'm going to have to be on the look out for old spoons :)

  4. Terrific project and it's a great inspiration piece! I love it!

  5. Great project!!!! LOVE How your Frozen Charlotte turned out!!!

  6. I love the idea of spoon pendants. Great job


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