Tuesday, December 20

Molding with cutouts..

Hey everybody!! I cannot believe it's my 3rd post here @ AMP -- this stuff is so amazing and I'm having so much fun molding anything and everything in site.. it's also been so great to experiment with! One of my favorite things so far has been to mold old "embellishments" that I'm afraid to use because I don't want to run out of them...

and one of them is this gorgeous elaborate little metal frame -- and it has all these fun cutouts.. At first I was a bit intimidated but after giving it a go I now have some super easy tips to share with you!!

Start by mixing your equal parts A and B (yellow and white) of the molding putty. (I have actually found that it doesn't take very many extra seconds to measure out my putty in measuring spoons.. less wasted if my mixture seems to be off!!)

Flatten slightly (for my piece.. you may not need to do this!) and insert frame. Keep your fingers out of the way of your cutouts.. only go as far as you're comfortable... you don't want to ruin your mold.

Then grab something super small... I used a pin with a head on it.. so that I had something to press onto with out hurting my little fingers.. use this object to press your piece down into the mold nice and deep. You want the putty to ooze out of the cutouts so that there's a nice barrier for when you lay down your resin!

Allow mold to cure... then demold your original slowly -- don't pull too hard, you may pull off the parts that will create your cutouts!

Get your favorite Alumilite Metallic Powder --- I used BRONZE

and dust your mold :)

Then.. Mix your white quick cast resin -- equal parts A and B -- stir till clear and pour.
-I always have extra molds laying around to dump my excess mixture into.. I hate waste!!!-

Allow to cure! See it drying with the mold sticking out of it? YAY!!

Then demold!! =D

My piece got a bit thick.. but I think I may try brushing in the white casting resin and seeing if it will still cure -- will be wonderful to have TONS of these frames around!! 
See you next time! -DeeDee


  1. Preheat the mold prior to brushing in the White and it will cure much better for you. Just warm to the touch, not so hot that you can't hold them. Just stick the mold in your microwave before brushing in the powder for a minute on high.

    Nice work!

  2. Where do you get this stuff, and the Alumilite powder?

  3. Just sent you an email Jan! :)

    Your frame came out beautiful!!!


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