Monday, December 5

Yes Even Food!!!

Did you know that you could use Amazing Mold Putty for food molds?   You sure can!  Today I created a butter mold.  With the holidays upon us dinner parties are all around and a great detail to your festivities are individual molded pats of butter. 

The first step is to make your mold.  You want to be sure to use something that isn't so detail and will be about the right size for an individual butter pat.  I found this great snowflake on the end of a tea ball.  You could use something like a bell, fancy shaped ornament, or anything else your heart desires. 

Once your mold has set up your ready to add your butter.  You can set your butter out on the counter an hour or so before your ready to use, or if you like me and are ready to do it ....NOW!!!! just microwave your stick of butter for 10 seconds.  Not to long you don't want to melt it just soften.  Fill  the mold with the soft butter and be sure to push it into all the detail work.  Pop it in the freezer to set up.

After 20-30 minutes it will be ready to pop out.  You can make several molds to do numerous ones at first or if you have time to do one by one, you can store the butter in a tupperware dish lined with wax paper.  Now the hard part is making the homemade bread to go with the butter, LOL. 

Have a happy holiday season.


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