Thursday, December 8

Let's Make a Snowman

I found a wonderful snowman ornament at my favorite store, but he is SOOO very heavy.
So I thought to myself, "self, can we make a lighter weight snowman?".
Myself said "heck yeah!"
So, I did!

This is the finished let's see how to make it, shall we?

Amazing Mold Putty
Amazing Casting Resin
Grungeboard holly & leaves
Acrylic paints and paint brushes
Extreme Glitter acrylic paint
Quick Grab glue
Smooch inks (blue and orange)

Pour your resin A & B parts. Then pour the little cups into one cup, stir, and let sit.
While it's sitting, make your mold by mixing equal parts of each A & B.
I rolled my ball of putt out with a rubber brayer, and put the snowman onto it face down, pressing him into the putty. Then, gently pull the putty up around his sides to make a wall.
My wall at the top of the hat wasn't deep enough, so after the mold cured, I added a little bit of putty to it.
See my messy patch job? :)
 Pour your mixed up resin into the mold and watch!
Let it set until it's completely white and not tacky to the touch.
Remove your casted piece.

If you've got any edges you aren't thrilled with, just use an emery board to smooth it.
Easy peasy!
 Here's my casted piece next to the store bought one.
The detail is AMAZING!!
Start painting!
Paint some more!
Paint the grungeboard pieces with acrylic paint and then Extreme Glitter paint.
Wrap some twine around the hat, securing with the Quick Grab.
Add some holly leaves.
Add some bling berries!

 I added a little blue Smooch over the blue paint on the hat, and some orange Smooch 
over the orange paint on the carrot nose.
My artsy fartsy 15 year old said he couldn't tell which one came from the store! YEAH!
And, the casted piece weighs considerably less than the store-bought one does.

 Here's your wiener!
Daisy Dog says "Let is snow, let it snow, let is snow...I'll be on the couch!"

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