Friday, December 30

Happy New Year!

 Wishing everyone a very happy 2012!

These are clock works that I found out my local craft store and thought they'd be the perfect way to ring in the new year with a little fun from Amazing Mold Putty.

The first thing I did was to mix Parts A & B of the Amazing Mold Putty and pressed the clock pieces into the putty and let it harden. 

This is what it will look like once the pieces are removed from the mold.

I mixed equal parts of the White Casting Resin and poured it into the mold.  I let it sit according to the package directions (approximately 10 minutes) to harden.  Then, I removed it from the mold and allowed it to finish harding the rest of the way. 

 I used acrylic paing to paint the pieces.  After allowing it to dry completely, I added a color stone to the center of the the clock hand with a little glue.  The last thing I did was to add this fun new embellishment to the papers. 

Happy New Year Everyone! 


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