Thursday, September 6

All Hallow's Eve Mail

I love Vintage lace.
I love Amazing Mold Putty.
I love Creative Paperclay.
So this month, I decided to create something using those three things.
I made a texture plate for two projects. One of them is a Halloween card I made! To start, I mixed equal parts A and B Amazing Mold Putty and rolled it out into a uniformly thin piece. Then I pressed some of my favorite vintage lace into it. I left the lace in the putty until it was cured. 

Once the mold was set, I removed the lace. Be sure you use lace you don't plan to use again, because small bits of the mold remain in the lace when you pull it out of a set mold.
Once my mold was ready, rolled Creative Paperclay onto butcher paper very thinly.
By putting the clay onto butcher paper, I can roll it much thinner than I could simply rolling it onto a counter. Then I can let the clay dry on the paper, and peel it off once the clay is dry. Once I had it rolled out, pressed my texture plate into the clay, and then used a cup to "cut" the clay into a circle.
Once that was dry, I painted the circle in the color I wanted my "lace" to be. I let that coat dry. Then I brought out the texture of the piece using a darker stain, and wiping that off of the piece, leaving the stain in the crevices of the texture and bringing out the lace effect.
Here's the final project!! Happy Halloween mail!! The paperclay piece is thin enough to go through the mail, and light enough to keep mailing costs low!!

As I mentioned, I have created two projects using the texture plate I made to show you here!! The other project will be ready in time for the Paperclay and Mold Putty Design teams blog hop coming up Sept. 29th!! I also put my new DOORPLATE to use!!
Be sure to share any projects you make using ideas like this on the Amazing Mold Putty® Facebook Page!!

This is my last post for the team here!! I have had such an Amazing time!! (C'mon... you can't possible think I'd pass up THAT chance to use the pun...) I can't say enough about Amazing Mold Putty. It has honestly become part of my art arsenal now. I can't imagine creating without it anymore. I hope you stay in touch with me at "my house"!! I have some new creative endeavors coming up... teaching on line art and such.

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