Friday, September 28

Amazing Mold Putty will Light Up my Halloween Party!

Happy FRIDAY!!! Susan here with another "AMAZING" adventure with Amazing Mold Putty. As September comes to a close everyone is in a Halloween creating frenzy. So today, I am making some spooky decor for the Holiday - AND - I have a TRICK and a TREAT to share.

What do you do with a blank light switch plate and some of last year's leftover Halloween party favors??? You create a spooky lightswitch plate using Amazing Mold Putty...of course!!!

The TRICK...cast a light switch plate using Amazing Mold Putty and cast in Creative Paperclay. The TREAT: at the end of this post there's a special coupon for Amazing Crafting Products...enjoy!!!

Supplies needed: a light switch plate, hot glue gun, your choice of halloween favors {I'm using skull rings and spiders, masking tape, Amazing Mold Putty and Creative Paperclay®.

I wrapped torn pieces of masking tape onto the light switch plate to add texture, making sure to wrap around the backside and burnish edges. I cut off the rings sections on the skulls, then using hot glue, I adhered skulls to the corners and finished off with a plastic spider. ** A TIP ** Be careful when applying hot glue to these plastic's very easy to melt them.

Now for the FUN to BEGIN! I got out my Amazing Mold PuttyIf you would like to see a more in depth how-to of mixing Amazing Mold Putty please click here. 

I begin by taking equal parts of Amazing Mold Putty parts "A" and "B" and gently mix together both parts, working quickly so that the colors are evenly mixed together with no striping. Then I press the Amazing Mold Putty around the switch plate gently pressing it around the item and sides. I let the mold sit and cure for about 15 minutes until it's no longer warm and then I'm ready to use my mold.

Today I am molding with a fun product called Creative Paperclay®

Creative Paperclay® is an air dry modeling material that can be sanded,
painted and also cast in Amazing Mold Putty.

I pressed the paperclay into my mold and leveled it out flat to meet the edges of the mold. I let the mold dry overnight before attempting to remove. Then I gently removed from mold to let paperclay finish drying out {which can take 2-3 days depending on temperature and humidity}.

I really love the distressed plaster texture that you get from the paperclay. I'm getting an early start on making these, too. I have to make several of these blanks to be decorated by my nieces and their friends at their annual Halloween birthday bash. Isn't that a fun idea!

Want to see how I've completed this?

Tomorrow, myself along with the entire Amazing Mold Putty Design Team will join the Creative Paperclay® Team for ... 

Please CLICK HERE... This Bloghop begins at the Creative Paperclay® blog and will feature even MORE HALLOWEEN inspiration using Amazing Crafting Products and Creative Paperclay® - even prizes. Check it out on Saturday to see how I've finished this ghoulish lightswitch plate!

HERE'S Your Halloween TREAT!!!

Use coupon code AMP20 to receive 20% off your order.
Coupon expires - Sept 30, 2012

I hope you enjoyed today's project and all of the projects I have created during my time with the Amazing Mold Putty Design Team. I have had a wonderful year creating with Amazing Crafting Products and I look forward to what the new Design Team dreams up. Amazing Mold Putty has changed my creative life and I will continue to use it in my toolbox forever! If you would like to continue to keep up with me and my creative adventures - please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here.

Have a fabulously creative day! Sb : ) 

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  1. this sure is a fun piece and practical. I love the tape effect and accents alot. AweSomE!


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