Monday, September 3

One Last Post...

Hello Mold lovers!!

I just have one last final sneak peek to show you... I really can't keep this to myself, but can't show you the whole thing as it's being submitted for publication to a magazine call. 

However.. I can show you an up close bit of the Amazing Mold Putty part!

This is the bottom corner of a 12x12 layout I did. It features the Quick Cast resin which has been poured in just white and altered with glimmer glaze by Tattered Angels. 

I've had a great year with you and am glad I've had the opportunity to work with such a FABULOUS product... I won't be reapplying for the team, but I really hope you'll stretch your imagination when it comes to using the resin and putty! And don't forget it's alterable when it's cured! I've had fun trying to show you new things, altering molds, and round pourings. Dying and double pours. It really has been a blast! ♥

Don't forget.. use coupon code AMP20 to get 20% off your order.. this coupon expires on the 30th this month, so don't hesitate any longer!


  1. I love your work DeeDee! Beautiful resin piece! Good luck in your submission!!! You will be greatly missed!

  2. This is gorgeous DeeDee!! I hope this is part of your monthly kits!!! Good luck!!! They will love it!


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