Friday, October 19

My new Muse-One Hand Sam

I know-I know- Every month it seems lately that I am doing Halloween Projects. But I love them and they sit in my house all year long. I have found I am not the only one who does this so my weirdness isn't all that weird! THIS is why I love Amazing Mold Putty and Resin. My husband has a figure that sits in his office. I stare at it every time I go in there and think...I want to mold that! Well he finally gave in and let me but scared me so much about the figures hair I kinda held the mold a bit cock eyed and one arm did not form well. (DO NOT WORRY HIS FIGURES HAIR WAS NOT HARMED! LOL) But that did not bother me-it gave the figure much more of the look I love! Here is my mold Once I took it out of mold I poked holes in it while a bit pliable. Then I gave it a dry brush of white paint, black eyes and red in his mouth and dripping out. I added wool hair, green of course, and added wire so I could hang him. He is now hanging in my Art room in front of me inspiring me as I work! Here are my finished pictures. If you have not tried this product it is amazing. The things you can make and do with it will amaze you! It is one of my favorite Craft items.


  1. I honestly laughed when I first saw this, because it was so you Kelly and I love it. Its wild, memorable and creative, love the face/hair. Super job!

  2. Kelly,
    Humorous and creative, a great combo. TFS.
    Joyce (fellow DT member)


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