Thursday, October 11

The beginning (for me at least)- Mini Mickey Head Notebook 2 of 2

Mini Mickey Head Notebook

Yesterday I explained just how quick and easy the Amazing Mold Putty really is and today I'm back to show you a small piece I made from it. 
First I wanted to give you a few tips I learned from/since yesterday!
1. Make sure that you make your molding deep enough and not just shallow-like covering of your piece.
2. And when mixing the putting colors for 3 minutes don't let yourself get caught up in a 15 minute conversation because it will harden in that amount of time and you can forget trying to roll it into a ball!
(Learned this today when trying to make more molds and not paying attention to time or what I was doing.)
3. Read more to see what I learned today while using the Amazing Casting Resin.
 Supply List:
Molds (already made from mold putty)
Mini Notebook Decorated
Paper Cup


1. First heat up your mold according to the instructions in the box of Amazing Casting Resin.

2. Mix your Resin as well according to the directions and then pour into the molds.

NOTE: Make sure you are actually paying attention to what you are doing and have enough lighting to see how much is in the cup. (Not that I would admit to these errors) :)
I had resin EVERYWHERE because I overfilled every one of the molds I was using until it was running over the edges, something that could've easily have been avoided and messed up all but two of my projects.
But I admit it's my fault not the products.

3. It says to let sit around 15 minutes, mine set while I finished dinner for about 30 minutes to be sure and this is where I realized one of my molds was way too shallow when I made it AFTER already ruining some putty from talking too much while mixing it.

4. Afterwards you can easily pop them out and either leave them white, or if you want you can paint them.

Here are two of the ones I have that I've left white.
Again if I wouldn't have overfilled and paid attention to what I was doing the fleur de lis would have the spaces open where you make a charm out of it rather than thin white pieces. I plan on doing this one over though and the right way. And then painting it silver.
 (you can see where it is running over the sides some and the crown one was the one I made too shallow and uneven, a defect of me.)

5. If painting it is recommended that you paint right away while they are still warm so the paint will adhere better and tells you in the directions an alternative of what to do if not painting right away.

6. The mickey mouse head is left white to offset the mini notebook I adhered it on with glue dots.
But the next time I plan on painting them silver, black, yellow, and even red so that I can embellish my scrapbook pages with them.

I will try to get a bigger and even better project posted to the blog related to Halloween before the month is over!
Thanks for bearing with me in the learning process and hope you've learned some do's and don'ts as well and my next project should be much more successful!
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  1. Excellent suggestions and points to remember when you're first getting started. Well done!


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