Wednesday, October 10

The beginning.....Wow it's easy! (Part 1 of 2)

The title should say it all.
I realize some of you may have seen time and time again how to start off making a mold.
I'm a new team member on the newly picked design team and figured even if it's been done before I would do it again just in case because I'm hoping to send my facebook friends and blogging friends this way to see just how AMAZING the Amazing Crafting Products really are and show everyone this isn't as intimidating as I thought it was when I left it for weeks just sitting there on my desk afraid to even open.
I've always looked for a way to make molds and everything looked like such work. I do enough "work" having a job and don't want to do more while having fun scrapbooking, cardmaking and doing altered work.
This post is very simple, shows just how easy and simple Amazing Mold Putting really is and hope it eases the minds of all those that for the past few weeks have continuously asked me to tell them how I liked the product once I used it and for those that are seeing it for the first time ever.
My three words for it: I LOVE IT! And recommend it highly!
This makes me wish I never bought a pack of molds a month before trying out this awesome product!
Here are the first molds I made:

Those molds are now ready to fill and I will do that and have it posted tomorrow for part 2 of the beginning.
Metal Embellishments
It comes in two Parts as shown in this picture.
1. You take out equal parts of each color and the directions are on the front as well so it is super easy.
These are the two colors: one in each jar.
2. Mix together for approximately 3 minutes or at least until it is one uniform color. Should be completely yellow without any streaking.
3.Then roll into a ball and put around whatever you are trying to mold and let it set 30 minutes then pop it out and you have the perfect mold.

Thank you for visiting and come back tomorrow to see what I do with at least one of the molds if not more.
Thanks again,

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  1. I'm glad you've gotten started working with this product. Its so much fun to use.


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