Wednesday, October 24

Treats to Die For!

Why not!
Todays post was created to show you that Mold Putty isn't just for pouring resin into it, but can be made for all kinds of pourable liquids that will turn solid, like chocolate.
Lets get started. In keeping with the Halloween theme this month, I choose a couple of plastic Halloween decorations that weren't being used for anything. They were the right size (so I thought) and had cool cut-outs (again, so I thought) read on.

First I made my molds by combining equal Parts of  The Amazing Mold Putty.
Mix Equal parts of Part A and Part B of the Mold Putty together and form into a pancake shape.
Press the plastic Halloween shape into the mold and let this set up.
Once the molds are set the next step is to melt your chocolate. I used a double boiler on the stove to melt my chocolate, but it could be melted in the microwave as well.
Once your chocolate is set up, your ready to pour the chocolate into your mold. I scraped the top layer of chocolate off and set the mold into the freezer to harden.
Now I'd like to tell you that this was full proof, but I haven't tried anything like this before, so......
A couple of things, make sure you release your mold very gently or the chocolate will crack and unless you are a seasoned pro at making chocolate and pouring molds, use molds that have solid shapes to them, cut- out shapes I found really fussy to work with as a beginner.
So my first couple of chocolate molds were complete flops, but the bonus was that I was able to put the chocolate back into the pot and try again.
Here was my first attempt.....remember I scraped the top off

With my second attempt I built up my chocolate so that it was alot thicker and much more solid, that way it would unmold into one solid piece (and besides who wants a little piece of chocolate anyway)
Leave yourself lots of time for letting your chocolate harden or make lots of molds.
I'm not sure I would make alot of these, but as a "feature" piece this would be the way to go, as you can get alot of detail. I would also make much smaller molds for chocolate. And I discovered that my chocolate stayed creamy for quite awhile, which was awesome for my many attempts at cupcake decorating. A little trimming with the pairing knife was necessary.


Thanks for hanging in there with me thru this post, this was a lot of fun and would be a fun way to share some time in the kitchen with your favorite little person!

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  1. So, so cute. I will be using this idea for decking the (food) halls at Christmas.


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