Tuesday, February 11

For the LOVE of RECYCLING... AMAZING Inspiration for Isabel Villarreal

Charm your friends this Valentine's Day
with gifts of love made from recycled beer caps. 

I really enjoy making small gifts for my loved ones and Valentine's Day provides the perfect occasion for gift giving. These charms look great hanging from a necklace, a key chain or even your zipper pull. Hang them from a ribbon and use them to decorate a gift box.

The fact that they are made form recycled materials just makes them all the better! I like to use stickers, buttons, glitter or anything that will fit into the caps and then fill with Amazing Clear Cast Resin and let them dry overnight {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Personalize the charm with a favorite photo or image - just print it small and trim to fit within the cap. Add a clip, chain or key ring and you're ready to spread the love!

What would you use to
personalize your bottle cap?

I'd love to see what you create! Please share your creations and enter
below for a chance to win an Amazing Crafting Products
Prize Package {CLICK HERE for details}.

 Have a wonderful day! ~ Isabel Villarreal

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  1. very cute and great recycling idea, this would be a perfect project to make for a little girls bday party or a teen's to include in the goody bags.

  2. Awesome excuse to drink more beer and create! My caps off to you!


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