Monday, February 17

Mold Rubber Monday {FILament by DeeDee Catron}

Hi Guys!! DeeDee here today with your weekly dose of MOLD RUBBER MONDAY

I almost haven't even picked up any Amazing Mold Putty since I first got my hands on Amazing Mold Rubber. And once I realized the DETAIL that the Amazing Mold Rubber could pick up, I've kind of been stuck on light bulbs and recreating their glassy smooth surfaces. 

If they seem to be getting boring or you're going "Oh, gosh, ANOTHER light bulb?" trust me when I say, you'll enjoy this tutorial. I'm focusing more on making it a bit more realistic by adding a filament through a double pour and "dirtying up" the socket insert. 
Our finished piece.

1) Gather necessary supplies: Amazing Mold Rubber Mold (I have about 6 different shaped bulb molds lying around, this one is bigger and allows for inserts inside the bulb), Amazing Clear Cast Resin, Alumilite Powder in Silver, wire. 

2) Dust the portion of the bulb that would insert into the socket with Alumilite Powder.

3) Pour part "A" of Amazing Clear Cast Resin into measuring cup.

4) Pour an equal portion of part "B" of Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

5) Stir until cloudy....

6) Keep stirring until the Amazing Clear Cast Resin clears up, it's ready!

7) Pour bulb 3/4 full. Allow to cure.

8) Using wire, create a filament shaped embellishment.

9) Adhere to bottom of 3/4 CURED bulb. Just a little dab of glue to keep it place as our soon to be 2nd pour of Amazing Clear Cast Resin cures. Do not take the bulb out of the mold.

10) Mix again equal parts "A" and "B" of Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

11) Pour bulb and allow to cure. I usually put my molds into a cupboard as they cure, it helps avoid dust and settlements on the surface.

12) Demold!! 2 things.. First> we didn't pull out our FIRST pour, and so there's no seam line where the pours meet. Second> The resin cures to itself, and looks like one big pour. YAY

13) Using a black acrylic paint cover silvery part of bulb.

14) Wipe extra from the surface and allow to dry! 

Now use your bulb! I've shared a few ways to use them now... Resin bulbs really provide a great resource, they aren't delicate and breakable like real bulbs. You've seen me use them on scrapbook layouts, on jewelry, and on tags. I've used them in Amazing Casting Resin and Amazing Clear Cast Resin. I've embossed on them, splattered them, dusted them, and embedded in them. Maybe I should tint the bulbs next? Or maybe I should just move on, LOL. 

Is there something you're making over and over?
Or something you WANT to make over and over that
might be great in Amazing Crafting Products?

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