Tuesday, June 16

Having a #Cre8time Time Crunch... DRIZZLE yourself a DIY Mask by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Hello everyone! Susan here with a fun technique to use in a Cre8time time crunch with Amazing Remelt. I was in the midst of creating and I needed a scribbly heart for my focal point... and I didn't have a stamp/stencil on hand that would work.

What's a girl to do??!
Make one and make it quick.

I do own all the electronic cutting devices, but I was already in the throws of creating and I didn't want to stop to change course and loose my mojo. So I grabbed a container of Amazing Remelt that's residing on my counter with bits to remelt and the craft sheet for my Ranger Melt Pot. I melted down the red gelly goodness and drizzled away pouring heart shapes {CLICK HERE to view preparation}.

After a couple attempts, I got a heart shape that I was happy with. A BONUS... I made it to fit my piece perfectly. I just had to wait a couple minutes for the Amazing Remelt to cool and solidify and I was free to carry on with my inky, painting frenzy. The rejects went back into the REMELTable bin.

I gently peeled my scribbly/dribbly heart mask off the non-stick craft mat and placed it onto my painted background, then sprayed with mists.

I gently sprayed mists in layers and blotted any excess puddles of ink. I waited for the spray to dry a bit before removing my handmade mask so the color wouldn't run under when lifted. This totally did the  trick... TADA!!

In just a few minutes I created a reusable mask that fulfilled my need... and the best part is that I can remelt it to mold something else. Love that!!

For more details on this project please CLICK HERE.

How will you transform your art
using Amazing Remelt??

Please leave a comment below to share! If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here. ~ Susan
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