Wednesday, June 24

In #Cre8time One + One Makes Three... Amazing #MixedMedia Fusion by Aimée Wheaton

I'm not quite sure what to call this piece but it's a smorgasbord of items for sure!! I purchased the center gold piece last year at an antique shop for $5, I thought it was gorgeous, it's like carved wood and the top is painted gold. Someone told me it came from some Asian furniture or something like that. Well I decided to mold it and see how it would turn out and that's what started this little project.

I thought this was super pretty when I first saw it,
and perfect to mold using Amazing Mold Putty.

Oops... forgot to take the price tag off!

Side by side! I ended up mixing some resin to get rid of the flaked off paint that was left in the mold before I made the pieces for my art. It got most of them out. I used Amazing Casting Resin for this piece because of how fast it dries. 

As always I'm winging my art until my muse comes back, so I had no clue what was going to turn out. I looked around my studio and found this leftover painted board from an art class I took. It was perfect for a base. It's an 8" x 10" canvas board.

After more scrounging I found a 5" x 7" canvas board and some painted paper towels leftover, I save everything!!! I glued down the paper towel using Mod Podge® onto the canvas board. I'm creating levels and layers.

Here it is all glued, then I coated it with more Mod Podge®.

Checking out placement on top of the 5" x 7" board – look how pretty the resin is!!

Texture and depth – glue the pieces down when the Mod Podge® is dry.

Glue down on top of the big board and then trace
around it with charcoal pencil to frame it.

I then used some Mod Podge® on top of the resin
and sprinkled some glitter on top.

All together!! Different but still pretty. I hope you enjoyed this simple project!

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