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Hark the #Cre8time Angels Sing... by Maria Soto #moldputtymadness

Hi there! Maria here and today I want to share with you a way to fix your molds. See I still have my nativity out... I know it's March and it should have been put away back in January, but well it's still out on my glass table. As I looked at the angel I noticed her wings, the folds on her dress, her face and hair, well there was so much texture on this piece that I had to take out my Amazing Mold Putty!

It was fun looking at this piece and noticing all the different molds I could create with this one statute. Now one thing I noticed is that several of the areas I wanted to mold would give me flat molds, which I could use as stamps – but I also wanted to cast parts of this angel. After making all these molds, I remembered one fun fact about this amazing product; it will adhere to itself even after the molds are set. This is something I tend to forget sometimes, I usually make molds that don't required a border but several of these did. Now keep in mind this product sets pretty fast so I suggest that based on the size of your mold, you add your border a little bit at a time.

I actually used two of my nativity statutes – 
the angel and one of the three wise men.

First, take equal amounts of parts "A" and "B" of the Amazing Mold Putty. I like to mix each part separately for a little while, then mix both together until you no longer see any white {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Make sure you have the item you are creating your mold from ready because this product does set pretty fast and you don't want to waste any. 

Here you can see my angel – I decided to make a mold of the wings. This is a pretty big piece so the wings are going to be pretty big, so I wanted to make the mold in one piece.

Here is the back of the angel covered with Amazing Mold Putty. I covered the wings completely. It took about 10 minutes for the putty to set, then I carefully removed the mold off the wings.


Here are some close ups of the new mold. You can see the edges of the mold are not very even. If I try adding resin to the mold as it is here, the resin will run off and I will not have a nice resin piece.

I had to trim parts of the wing to make sure I could
add a nice smooth border to fix my mold.


I took small amounts of the Amazing Mold Putty, mixed them together and rolled it out so that I could add a border on the wings mold and then this mold will be ready to cast resin pieces without having resin spillage.

Here you can see how I added the border. I suggest working with small amounts at a time because once you add the border, you need to blend the seams and shape the border so that you have no leaks between the seams. Since this product sets pretty fast {and the heat from your hands makes it go faster}, you don't want to mix too much and have it go to waste from hardening before you have finished applying.

Here you can see the mold with it's new border. Because of the shape of this mold, the border of the wings I added had to be different heights, to make sure that when I add resin the entire mold is level. 

Here you can see how I blended the seams. This step is very important, if you don't blend the seams your resin can spill or seep out. In the event you missed a few areas, it's OK – you can go back and add a little bit more Amazing Mold Putty to seal any leaks. 
**A TIP** To check for any leaks on your molds – fill them up with water. Just to make sure there are no leaks at all. If you feel any wetness on the outside, you will end up with resin spilling out and a mess on your hands. Dry the mold completely and add more mold putty to fill any gaps.

I like making molds that don't require all this extra work, but I find this process very creative. Sometimes you to make changes to your molds – it just requires a little bit more work, and this way you can end up with something more interesting and create a one-of-a-kind mold. 

For this mold I just wanted to add a nice border so I can cast a set of wings. I sure am looking forwards to making a casting of broken wings too. 

Here are a few of the castings I made from this mold. Using Amazing Casting Resin I was able to cast the wings in one piece and also in parts. I have several more statutes that can give me some very interesting molds. I can't wait to create more fun pieces with all these castings. It sure was fun to create and fix this new mold!

Depending on the amount of resin you pour into the mold, you can get different results. Here you can see the thickness of each piece. You can use them in many different ways, my favorite is the one that shows the full wings, it's very thin and light weight.


I used the titanium white as a base coat before I add other colors. I also used some of the Alumilite Bronze and Silver Metallic Powders at the end. I think I'm going to keep playing with this set of wings to distress them up a bit more.

I hope this post inspires you to go ahead and try and make some molds like I did here and share with us how you fixed or changed them to come up with your very own unique mold. What do you have around your home that would make some great pieces to use in your art?

Can you imagine these wings in chocolate?!!

Please do share your ideas with us by leaving a comment below.

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