Monday, March 7

April Showers bring Sunny #Cre8time Home Decor... by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here for another edition of Mold Rubber Monday! I came up with this project to add some decor to my garden now that I am working on getting the garden ready for Spring. Since I have a fondness for Southwestern art and Celestial patterns, I wanted to try making my own sun disk garden wall plaque!


I started by creating a primitive sun design out of polymer clay in a pie tin, making sure to make the sun disk in the middle the thickest part of the piece. There was no set pattern I was going for. I wanted the piece to look rustic and handmade. Once I was happy with the look of the piece I baked the clay as per the manufacturers instructions inside the pie tin.
*Since any fine detail might get caught in mold, I made sure to coat the original polymer clay piece with mold release before molding – in this case I used non stick cooking spray.

Carefully following the instructions, I mixed up one kit of Amazing Mold Rubber and slowly poured it into the pie pan with the polymer clay original {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation|. I found one kit filled the pie pan up, making a complete mold with some extra mold rubber. Not wanting to waste any Mold Rubber, I poured the extra rubber into a plastic lunch tray to create a No-Gelatin Printing Plate.

Once the Amazing Mold Rubber was completely cured
I carefully removed the polymer clay original.

Since there was a bit of seepage of Amazing Mold Rubber,
I carefully trimmed the excess with sharp craft scissors.

I wanted to be able to hang the sun plaques outside, so I cut small lengths of wire and bent them into a horseshoe shape, flat head jewelry pliers, to create hangers I could place in the resin while it cured.

To create different finishes and colors of wall plaques I tried adding different Alumilite Dyes into each batch of Amazing Casting Resin I poured into the mold. While the resin was curing I would place one of the curved wires in the resin to create a secure hanger.

Once the resin was fully cured I removed each cast, trimmed the resin and then painted each sun with coats of outdoor use acrylic paints.

Depending on the color of the Alumilite Dyes placed into the resin and the final layer of paint, any number of finishes can be created, perfect for any garden color theme!

What AMAZING arts and crafts can you create?

Please share them on the user GALLERY on the Amazing Crafting Products Website!

Visit my blog Art Resurrected for more craft tutorials!

Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy

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