Thursday, March 31

#Cre8time Treasures... Handmade Heart Keepsake by Bridget Cordero

One of the saddest days in our lives happened when my daughters father died. We were expecting it for some time but are never really prepared for loosing a loved one. We received his ashes in a black box they give you at the funeral parlor. We could not decide on an urn so we brought him home in that box. 

My daughter decided to create a shrine in her room of her dad, it is filled with memories and pictures and just beautiful. After seeing this I wanted to give her something small that she could display anywhere and that's when I came up with this heart keepsake.

I had this little heart box made of plastic and decided this would work perfectly. I mixed up some Amazing Mold Rubber and made a mold of the heart {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}.

Once cured I removed it from the plastic container and popped out the heart. My mold was ready for some Amazing Clear Cast Resin and the embellishments I had chosen to put in it.

Figuring the best way to go about this was by using layers, I mixed up the a small amount of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and poured it into the mold {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. I found a shamrock and placed that with a metal "love" charm into the resin. Once this cured for 12 hours, I carefully took some of Abbey's Dads ashes and laid them on that layer. I mixed up more Clear Cast and poured another layer in. I decided some blue glitter was needed and at this point added it. Once this cured I added one more layer of Clear Cast. I gave this two full days to cure before I popped it out of the mold.

I'm so happy with the way this came out and thankful that my daughter will have this beautiful keepsake for the rest of her life because of these amazing products.

What special keepsakes would you create?

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