Sunday, March 27

#Cre8time Transformations... DIY Memorial Bracelet by Tanya Ruffin

I found an adorable bracelet with space on the backside for adding photos and resin that I thought would make the perfect memory gift for a friend.

I measured out the circles and using CorelDraw software I drew circles and placed the images inside using the power clip feature. After printing with a laser printer I cut out the photos.

Then I simply filled the reservoirs with Amazing Clear Cast Resin and placed the photos inside. CLICK HERE to view resin mixing/preparation. 

I covered the bracelet with a tupperware container to keep dust out while it is curing. I checked on it every few hours and blew on it to pop bubbles.

There ya go, an easy peasy memory bracelet!

How would you embellish your charms?

Go Craft Your Own Way!


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