Friday, April 1

An AMAZING Prank - the #Cre8time Gift that Keeps on Giving... in Laughter!!

Hello Everyone! Susan here with a little devilish inspiration for April Fool's Day. Social media is buzzing with ideas and photos of creative pranks {did you see the one that replaced the icing in Oreos with toothpaste - YUK}. I came across a cute prank which involved painting a bar of soap with clear nail polish to seal and replace in the soap dish... resulting in soap that doesn't work. LOL!!!

I certainly don't have the patience to sit and methodically paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish - BUT - with my Amazing Casting Products... I could pull this one off! This is the perfect prank I can pull on my husband. I hijacked our halfway used bar of soap from the shower and I have my Amazing Mold Putty at the ready to mold a dummy bar of soap casted in a mixture of Amazing Casting ResinAlumilite Pearlescent Powder, and Fluorescent "FLO" Green Dye.

Can you tell the real from the fake??

Before molding your bar of soap in Amazing Mold Putty – make sure that the soap is dry and totally free of moisture {meaning not fresh from the soap dish}. I prepared a batch of Amazing Mold Putty following the easy instructions and pressed around my bar of soap. Then I prepared a batch of Amazing Casting Resin mixed with Alumilite Pearlescent Powder, and two drops of the Fluorescent "FLO" Green Dye... when cured, this gives a perfect minty green with a bit of variagated swirls – just like a real bar of soap. In about 15 minutes my cast resin duplicate was cured and ready for it's debut!

After a little sanding with an emory board, I sprayed the resin piece with olive oil spray, then buffed with a towel to mimick the sheen of the soap and to gloss up the sanded edges. It even weighs about the same as my used bar of soap original.

The finishing touch is to lather it up with the actual soap and let it dry in the soap dish for your unsuspecting victim.

I'm really impressed with how real this fabulous FAUX soap looks and feels. I have pulled this off several times now... it never gets old... and my husband never knows it's coming - ROFL!! There's nothing like some good harmless fun!

What is your favorite April Fool's Prank?

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