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Myléne Hillam... an AMAZING Featured Artist Spotlight

Greetings AMAZING Crafters! Today we have a fun questionnaire that we posed to our Featured Artist Myléne Hillam of Mill Lane Studio! Have fun getting to know her a little better and enjoy the eye candy, too! :) Sb

A little bit about Myléne...

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As a designer, I have the kind of job that many crafter's dream of: I get to create and play with new craft products. With a job that allows me to craft all day, it’s no wonder that I love what I do.

Like most crafters, I’ve dabbled in many crafts over the years but in recent times, it’s jewelry-making and working with resin that make my heart sing. Of all the crafts I’ve tried, none has captivated me quite like resin has. There is something about mixing the two liquid components together to produce a solid resin that just spellbinds me.

Ever since I can remember, the night sky has held a fascination for me: I love watching the moon as it rises and travels across the sky; I love looking for shooting stars in the heavens; and I remember gazing skywards when Halley's Comet passed by the earth. I'm totally spellbound by astronomical events so I created these Galaxy bangles to celebrate the wonders of the universe.

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Some fun questions for the inquiring minds...

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What did you want to be when you grew up?
"At school, I enjoyed all the hands-on arts subjects and creative writing. But I didn't set out to be an artist or a writer. In fact, I've worked in an office environment all my working life, but all the while, my love of creating stayed with me and I crafted whenever I had the time. And now I find myself living the creative life as both an artist/designer AND an author. My Art and English teachers would be proud! I guess it shows that no matter where your career path takes you along the way, you can always find your way back to the things you are passionate about and the things you are good at."

Coke or Pepsi???

"Neither. I like to get my caffeine fix from chocolate and tea!"

What inspires you?
"Dreams! My subconscious often conjures up weird and wonderful things and sometimes, the best creative ideas. I mean, how many good ideas come just as you are drifting off to sleep?!! But sometimes it's the materials that I'm working with that provide the inspiration – things will just fall in a particular way on the work bench and an idea is born."

What is the TOP thing to do on your "Bucket LIST"?

Image of a sunrise captured from the International Space Station
by NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman - Oct. 29, 2014.
"My bucket list has just one thing on it… but it's a biggy and it's one I never expect to do. I want to see our beautiful planet with its glowing blue halo from outer space. It always takes my breath away when I see an image of the earth taken from space. It makes me marvel at the size of the universe and how diminutive we are in the scheme of things - it really puts things in perspective!"

If you could print any phrase
on a T-shirt, what would it say?

It's pronounced Millaine! 

"Of course that would mean nothing to the average person in the street, but it would be great if people knew how to pronounce my name."

If you could mold ANYTHING with
Amazing Mold Putty, what would it be?

"Kate Middleton's engagement ring. Can you imagine
the fun we could have recreating it in resin?!!"

What style of music gets your creative juices going?
"I like to create in the peace and quiet where I can be alone with my thoughts. That's when my mind wanders and I'm at one with what I'm creating. But when deadlines are tight and the pressure is really on, I listen to my library of tracks featuring the sounds of the rainforest. Hearing the birds sing and the frogs croak whilst a gurgling stream bubbles – now that's music to my ears!"

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Thanks so much for dropping by! Check back next Friday for some inspiration from our Featured Artist Myléne Hillam... you don't want to miss it! CLICK HERE to head on over to Myléne's Blog Mill Lane Studio to see more of her fabulous work!

Have a fabulous day! :) Sb


  1. These are fantastic, Mylene! Love all the sparkle!

  2. That was a fun interview to read and its a really Gorgeous Bangle Mylene (er, Millaine!! :D)


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