Thursday, April 14

#Cre8time Transformations... AMAZING Copper Resin Finish by Tanya Ruffin

When I wanted to paint a piece of MDF that I had used in a previous studio space to look like copper, I never imagined how great it would turn out!

I learned a trick a long time ago that to make copper really pop you should paint your base a rust color. It took just 3 steps to achieve this great metallic finish!

Step 1. Paint surface a rust color.

Step 2. Mix your entire box of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and add a little (I used the end of a craft stick to dip) Alumilite Copper Metallic Powder. A little goes a LONG way!

Step 3. Make sure your surface is completely dry and you don't have any wet spots from cleaning. Tape off the edge of your surface and pour. You can use a foam brush or an old credit card to smooth it out.

Allow it to cure overnight. You may have some spots you need to even out later but it really does give it character. I used a file from the dollar store to clean up the edges.

And then... TADA!

The little touch up spots (see the circle above) looks awesome!

You can make your counter any color you want using the powders!

I love it!

What would you give a metallic finish?

Craft Your Own Way!


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